Smart Technologies & Smart Research

Scientific Seminar „Smart Technologies & Smart Research”

Venue: 2/19 CNTI

Time: May 10, 2023, 11:30 am – 2 pm


Seminar Organizer: Department of Informatics, Faculty of Informatics and Communication, Bachelor & Master Studies College, International Relations Office

Seminar goal: Comparability of Studies Programmes and PhD Students Exchange Opportunities

The 12th International Week teachers are invited to give 15-20 minutes presentation on:

  1. PhD studies abroad – requests and offers
  2. PhD students exchange opportunities and risks
  3. Summer Schools for Undergraduate, Graduate, and PhD students
  4. DoctorPASS – comparability of PhD studies programmes in various disciplines at various universities
  5. Proposals of didactic projects on joint educational policy; Proposals of cooperation in international educational projects;
  6. Possibility of launching joint degree programmes.
  7. Proposals of cooperation in joint research projects; Sharing ideas of joint research and inviting to joint publications

The 12th International Week teachers, interested in giving presentations, are requested to send by April 15,  2023  just the title of the presentation, adding a number of section, i.e., 1, 2 or 3 as above.

Hereby, we invite professors and PhD students from University of Economics in Katowice  to participate in the Seminar „Smart Technology and Smart Research” . Access is free. People interested in this Seminar are requested to send email

Please, stay with us just on Wednesday, 10 May 2023.

Seminar „Smart Technology & Smart Research” is the most important point of the 12th International Week.